Our latest design, a large 4 player arcade machine with a fantastic gaming computer inside and a 4k screen.  This machine is also VR ready !  Our latest software enables you to play virtual reality games uisng your choice of VR headset on this awesome machine.


40" 4k Screen

4 Player LED lit buttons (classic plastic concave buttons also available) 

4 Premium competition grade joysticks

Choice of external artwork or we can custom design one for you

LED lit marquee

LED under control panel lighting 

Ryzen 7 CPU

6GB Nvidia graphics card

16 GB DDR4 Ram

8 Terrabyte hard drive

Windows 10 Ghost (Slimmed down version of Win 10 - No bloatware, no defender, no updates)

Built in wifi

Launchbox arcade front end (Bib Box premium license included)

Capacity to play up to 70,000 games 

Two year warranty

Unlimited technical support via remote support app


The upgraded CPU and dedicated graphics card will allow you to upscale the graphics for retro consoles like the N64 to 4K and also will allow you to play more modern games.



We can ship any of our machines worldwide. Please contact us for a shipping estimate.  david@retro-play.com.au


Dimensions of the machine

1035mm Wide

1805mm Tall

640mm Deep


4 Player Special Edition Model Arcade Machine

  • We do not accept returns for our machines because they are custom made. If your machine arrives with or develops a problem during your warrasnty perdiod we are happy to resolve those issues free of charge. That may involve replacing broken screens, damaged control panels, faulty joysticks or faulty software. Retro Play will do everything we can to ensure you enjoy you custom made product.


    Delays due to Covid 19

    We do not accept cancellations due to the world wide Covid 19 pandemic. The pandemic has caused uncontrollable delays and whilst we have taken extrodinary steps to mitigate any possible delays it is of course out of control if parts are delayed in the post which may cause a delay in the build time.  We will not accept any cancellations due to delays and no refunds will be given.