Designed to closely resemble a mechanical machine this virtual pinball machine is built with a combination of high quality cabint making and some really clever electronics inside.  Packing an awesome 4K gaming computer and the latest Samsung 4K Ultra HD 60 hertz playfield screen this machine allows you to enjoy virtual pinball in beautifully clear 4K.




But what makes our machines different is the real mechanical feedback inside !  Retro Play is the only manufacture in the world designing and building virtual pinball machines with real mechanical feedback inside.


Inside the machine are 4 x 12 volt electro mechanical solenoids that are programmed to operate with the flipper buttons and the slingshots.  So every time you press the flipper button or the ball bounces off the sling shots the corresponding solenoid inside the machine fires making the familiar audible sound of a mechanical solenoid and also you can 'feel' them operating.  You can also add more mechanical toys to your machine to enhance the experience such as a shaker motor or a gear motor, we can even add three bells to act like an original pinball chime unit for old school EM tables.




In addition to the real mechanical feedback we also use Dayton tactile speakers inside the machine that interpret mechanical sounds as audio vibrations through the cabinet.  This system allows you to 'feel' every ball movement in game, including the ball reloading mechanism, the ball bouncing off plastics and going through spinners.  It really is a fantastic system when combined with real mechanical feedback.


Let's look at some of the other features included in the price : 


* Black powder coated metal work.

* Free custom external artwork design service 

* Genuine pinball coin door with modded return buttons for exit table and coin/credit button

* Plastic colour matched cabinet protectors behind the legs

* Genuine steal removeable and ribbed pinball legs

* Folding backbox

* Dedicated full colour LCD DMD display

* 32" Backglass screen

* 60HZ 4K UHD Playfield Screen

* Ryzen 5 computer with 16gb ram, 500gb M.2 SSD and 6gb graphics card.



Each machine, as standard, ships with a fully functional genuine Williams/Bally plunger.  Connected to the Pinscape controller board this allows you to perform skill shots with the plunger.  



Using the excellent Pinscape controller board which has a built in Acceleromoter you are able to nudge the ball in game.



Audio is delivered through the powerful Logitech Z333 2.1 sound system which has a seperate audio control knob (accessed through the coin door).  The volume know also has a headphone jack.


Seperate from the main audio system we use a seperate digital audio amp to drive the tactile speakers (SSF) feedback system




Full two year warranty on all parts.


VIDEOS (we have lots on Youtube, this is just an example)



Size :


1170mm long

800mm wide (backbox)


Please ensure the machine can fit through your door ! 


This machine is heavy at about 165kg !  You will require at least two strong capable adults to move the machine and install the legs.



We can ship any of our machines worldwide. Please contact us for a shipping estimate.


Virtual Pinball (Pro Model)

SKU: 0001

  • Because our machines are hand made to order with different specifications we are not able to accept cancellations or returns.  Each machine comes with a 2 year warranty.