Our brand new oak barrel arcade is a premium product made from stunning oak and solid steel. 


Constructed from a fully restored solid oak barrel and finished with a steel powder coated floating control deck this machine has style written all over it ! 


The Barrel

A solid oak barrel which as been stripped, cleaned and fully restored.  The metal hoops have also been stripped and hand finished.  Underneath we have fitted two wheels so the barrel can be easily moved around and we have fitted LED lights underneath.


The Control Panel

Made from steel and finished with a strong black powder coat this control deck is built to last, just like the barrel.  Stylish, slick and very hard wearing the control panel appears to float from the main barrel, attached only by three steel pipes. 


The Games

Over 1000 classic arcade games pre installed and ready to play.  Plug the barrel in to the mains power and it turns on, no buttons to press, no complicated settings and menu's - this is a product that is designed to be simple and just allow the players to play.  Play on your own or with a mate.


The Glass Top

Manufactured from laminated safety glass with a bevel and finished with a polish edge.  The glass is secured with 4 fixings and is strong like just the barrel.


Shipping and Transportation

You can collect the barrel from our premises in Trarlagon, Victoria or we can ship wordwide.  If you would like a shipping quote please send us an email - david@retro-play.com.au



The barrel arcade comes with a five year warranty on all parts.


Build Time

All orders placed before December 14th will be built and delivered before Christmas 2021.


See The Launch Video 









Barrel Arcade