Pin Sim VR is a brand new product from Retro Play Australia.  Pin Sim VR is a dedicated virtual reality pinball machine that allows players to enjoy all the classic pinball tables in glorious virtual reality using the supplied Oculus Rift S.


Pin Sim VR is powered by a gaming computer inside.  Ryzen 7 CPU with 16GB of DDR4 Ram, a one terrabyte SSD and the awesome Nvidia 2060 Super grahics card.


For more information please feel free to view the dedicated site we have launched for the Pinsimvr



We can ship any of our machines worldwide. Please contact us for a shipping estimate.



Pin Sim VR (Special Edition) International only

  • We do not accept returns or cancellations for our machines because they are custom made. If your machine arrives with or develops a problem during your warrasnty perdiod we are happy to resolve those issues free of charge. That may involve replacing broken screens, damaged control panels, faulty joysticks or faulty software. Retro Play will do everything we can to ensure you enjoy you custom made product.


    Delays due to Covid 19

    We do not accept cancellations due to the world wide Covid 19 pandemic. The pandemic has caused uncontrollable delays and whilst we have taken extrodinary steps to mitigate any possible delays it is of course out of control if parts are delayed in the post which may cause a delay in the build time.  We will not accept any cancellations due to delays or any other reason and no refunds will be given.  Like