The Retro Play 1TB SSD is a complete Windows 10 Ghost Spectre install with Pinup Popper, all the tables and all the media for a complete virtual pinball setup.   This is a four years worth of work obtaining all the right files, settings, registry hacks, backglass files, pup packs and media - everything!  This is the exact same software setup we use today on all our virtual pinball machines.


** This drive will work in any virtual pinball machine **


What's included : 


Windows 10 Ghost Spectre OS activated with genuine Win 10 key

Visual Pinball 10.7

Zaccaria Pinball from Steam

Pinup Popper front end 

All table media 

Approx 600 visual pinball tables installed and imported to Popper

Approx 400 more tables not added to popper as untested (have fun testing and adding them yourself)

System will work with any hardware setup and any number of screens



The price includes a half an hour remote support session that allows us to dial in to your machine once the drive is installed and setup the screens and buttons for you.




Virtual Pinball SSD Drive (all tables and media)