Welcome to the brand new SPEED DEVIL full size arcade racing / driving machine from Retro Play Australia with built-in Tactile Feedback.  Australia's only production arcade racing simulator.


This classic shaped racing arcade machine has been designed to look like the awesome racing sims of your childhood - but it packs some truly awesome up-to-date technology inside. 


The Speed Devil racing sim from Retro Play allows you to enjoy hundreds of stunning racing and driving simulator games like Forza, Dirt, Project Cars, Gran Turismo, Wreck Fest, Daytona, Raw Thrills Batman and hundreds more all powered by a windows gamin PC inside.  


AND you can add your own PS4 or XBOX ONE to the system and play new console games as well!  we have lwft enough room for a console as well.


With a 32" monitor  and the awesome Logitech G29 racing wheel, pedals and gear shifter this machine allows you to race some of the most powerful cars in the world, from the safety of your home! 


32" Monitor

Windows ganming PC

2.1 Logitech Sound System

Adustable Professional Race Seat

Chequer Plate Aluminium Floor

Logitech G29 Race Wheel, Pedals and Gear Shifter 

Light Up Marquee

Tactile Feed Back System (allows you to feel all the bumps of the road)



If you want to play against friends and family simply buy 2 Speed Devil arcade machines and we can network them together for 2 player awesomeness. This only works with Steam games.



The machine ship swith over 150 racing games across the following systems : 


Nintendo Gamecube


Playstation 2

Playstation portable

All MAME racing games (retro arcade)

Sega Dreamcast

Nintendo 64

Sega Model 2

Sega Model 3

Windows Steam Games


Plus the following Windows titles :

Project Cars 2

Burnout Paradise


F1 2018

Automobilista 2

Nascar Heat 5

Dirt Rally

Assetto Corsa

The Crew 2


Need for Speed Payback

Euro Truck Sim


Modern arcade games through Tekno Parrot:

Raw Thrills Batman
Raw Thrills Dirty Drivin
Daytona Championship
Fast and Furious Super Cars
Fast and Furious Super Bikes 1 and 2
Raw Thrills H2O Overdrive
Raw Thrills Sno Cross
Outrun 2 DX
Mario Kart GT (in English)
Ford Racing : Full Blown
Inital D arcade stage 6 (more to follow)
K.O. Drive
Sega Race TV
Sega Rally 3
Sonic All Stars Racing
Fast and Furious Drift
Tokyo Cop
Wacky Races
Chase HQ 2



Feedback is felt through the force feedback steering wheel (in supported games).



All gamed allow you to switch between manual or auto shifting. And we can mount the gear shifter on the left or the right ! 



The chair pedestal and main arcade are two seperate units, fixed together by the aluminium cheque plate base.



We can arrange shipping for you anywhere in the world, please email us for a quote.



Shipped in two parts.  The chair base is approx 500mm x 700mm wide.   The main cabinet is approx 600mm deep off the wall and 800mm wide.



You can add more and more games to your machine through Steam or by just downoading and installing windows games.  Adding games to the front end is super easy.



Ryzen 3 CPU, 16GB RAM, 240GB M,2 SSD for OS and 5TB drive for games. Nvidia 2gb GPU (or equivilant) 




Speed Devil Arcade Racing Sim Essential Model

  • We do not accept returns for our machines because they are custom made. If your machine arrives with or develops a problem during your warranty perdiod we are happy to resolve those issues free of charge. That may involve replacing broken screens, damaged control panels, faulty joysticks or faulty software. Retro Play will do everything we can to ensure you enjoy you custom made product.

    Delays due to Covid 19

    We do not accept cancellations due to the world wide Covid 19 pandemic. The pandemic has caused uncontrollable delays and whilst we have taken extrodinary steps to mitigate any possible delays it is of course out of control if parts are delayed in the post which may cause a delay in the build time.  We will not accept any cancellations due to delays and no refunds will be given.