This is an arcade or pinball machine decal design service for anyone undertaking their own project who wants to have a professional design the artwork.  Plkease read the description very carefully so you understand what you are buying.


We will design any artwork you want for any project and provide you with the finished Photoshop files and high res PDF's so that you can provide them to a printer and have the decals printed yourself.  If you would like us to print them please see our other listing for a full design and print service.  This service is just the design aspect and once done we will provide you with the digital files.


In order for to make any changes to the files once we are done you will need to have Photoshop installed.


How it works : 


1. You buy this product and explain what design you want.  You can email us any images that are relevant.


2.  You will need to provide measurements of all your panels and if you have shaped panels, like the side of an arcade machine, a decent photo of the shaped panel and some measurements.


3. Within 14 days we will provide you with a rough draft layout.  You tell is what you think and we make the changes.


4. We will then provide you with another draft based on your feedback.  This design will be almost the finished product but you can still make small changes and suggestions at this stage.


5. We will provide you with a final proof of your design. 


6. Once you approve it we will send the original layered Photoshop files and PDF's which can be given to any sign writer or digital print company and printed for you.

Virtual Pinball or Arcade Decal Design Service