Play hundreds of racing games
all from one machine

3 Distinct Models 

All With Different Features

Speed Devil Essential

32" Curved screen. Adjustable race seat.  Logitech G29

race wheel and pedals. Windows gaming PC inside. Ryzen 3 CPU.

Speed Devil Pro

Everything in Essential plus flight stick for flying games. Choice of decorative topper.  Ryzen 5 Gaming Computer with Nvidia 1660. 

Speed Devil Special Edition

Everything in 2 previous models plus fans for wind simulation. Digital dashboard. Ryzen 7 Gaming PC with Nvidia 2060. Under seat rumble motor.

The Speed Devil arcade racing sim by Retro Play Australia is the worlds first production racing sim arcade machine featuring hundreds of arcade and console driving and racing games.  The Speed Devil arcade racing sim allows players to enjoy hundreds of racing games from one machine. Designed and built by Retro Play in Australia and shipped world wide.


Chose from a PS4 system or an Xbox One S or a Windows based system with hundreds of games to enjoy

Curved Screen

Immerse yourself in the race with a beautiful curved gaming monitor coupled with super fast IPS technology for fast racing gameplay

Logitech Gear

Top of the range Logitech G29 racing wheel, pedals and gear shifter makes you like you are right in the race. Comes with Built-in Force Feedback ! 

Hundreds of Games

Enjoy hundreds of different racing and driving games across multiple different systems all controlled from Launchbox

Adjustable Race Seat

Fully adjustable race seat in leather effect with slide rail built on a rock solid pedestal.

Logitech Race Wheel, Pedals and Gear Shift

Premium Logitech race steering wheel with pedals and gear shifter,

32" Curved Screen 

Immerse yourself in the gameplay with our beautiful crystal clear IPS curved gaming monitor.

Countryside Road

FEEl the 


Advanced Feedback System Built In

on some models

Steering wheel feedback

Feedback through the pedals

Fans to simulate wind

Breaking Feedback

Under seat tactile bass speaker


The Speed Devil arcade racing sim by Retro Play Australia plays all driving and racing games from the following systems

Nintendo Gamecube

Nintendo Wii

Nintendo 64

Sony PSP

Sony Playstation 2

Sega Dreamcast

Sega Model 2 and 3 

Sega Ringwind

Any Windows game 

Tekno Parrot driving games 

Plus you can your own games from Steam, Amazon, Twitch, Microsoft Store and Origin.

If you purchase the Pro or Special Edition model you can also enjoy a range of flying and flight sim games.


Retro Play Australia is an independent pinball and arcade manufacturer in Australia. We ship our products world wide. We design and build custom made arcade and virtual pinball machines in Australia.

Retro Play Australia are the premier manufacturers of custom arcade and pinball machines in Australia offering a unique design and build service.


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